Beautiful Bangladesh

Our country has been brand-named “BEAUTIFUL BANGLADESH” to establish and enhance a positive IMAGE of our nation in the world community, and attract foreign tourists to visit its Panoramic Landscapes, Seascapes and Breathtaking Beauties of the Nature. “A Rising Sun over a Blue Sea” has formed the Country’s LOGO, symbolizing the emergence of an independent Bangladesh with new promises and potentials.  



Experience the Natural Beauty of the World’s Largest Mangrove Forest in Bangladesh

“Sundarban (Beautiful Forest)” in Bangladesh is the single largest Mangrove forest in the world. This is a forest measuring about 6017 Square Kilometers. Sundarban is now not only our treasure of pride but also a unique heritage. UNESCO declared and included this forest as a “World Heritage” on 6 December, 1997. By and large this forest contains 450 rivers.

21 July 2009, “Sundarban” secured a place among one of the top 28 official finalist candidates by the “New Seven Wonders Foundation” in its drive to select “Natural Seven Wonders”.

The home of the Royal Bengal tiger. These dense mangrove forests are criss-crossed by a network of rivers and creeks. Here, tourists find tides flowing in two directions in the same creek and often tigers swimming across a river or huge crocodiles basking in the sun. Other wildlife of the region include the cheetahs, spotted deer, monkeys, pythons, wild bears and hyeanas. The forest is accessible by river from Khulna or Mongla. There are rest-houses for visitors to stay and enjoy the unspoiled beauty and splendour of the forest.