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Umrah Economy Package


Exploring the Spiritual Journey: Umrah and Ziyarah Itinerary

Day 01: Departure and Arrival

Embarking on a Spiritual Odyssey from Dhaka to Makkah

Embark on a soul-stirring journey as you depart from Dhaka and arrive at the vibrant Jeddah International Airport. From there, be seamlessly transferred to your Makkah Hotel, where you’ll settle in before embarking on the remarkable Umrah pilgrimage on the very same day of your arrival.

Day 02: Immersed in Devotion

Diving into Spiritual Depths in Makkah

As you bask in the sacred surroundings of Makkah, dedicate this day to your daily prayers and engage in deep Ibadah, allowing your heart and soul to be immersed in devotion.

Day 03: Reverence on Jumm’a

A Day of Focused Prayers and Reflection in Makkah

Amidst the holiness of Makkah, channel your energy towards your regular prayers and engage in meaningful Ibadah, embracing the special significance of Jumm’a.

Day 04: Continuing the Spiritual Quest

Sustaining Spiritual Momentum in Makkah

Stay committed to your daily prayers and Ibadah, fostering a profound connection with the divine in the serene surroundings of Makkah.

Day 05: Makkah & Taif Exploration

Delving into Spiritual Enrichment through Ziyarah

Makkah Ziyarah:

– Cave of Hira (Jabal-e-Noor): Delve into the history as you visit the sacred site where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received divine revelations from Allah SWT through the angel Gabriel.
– Cave of Thawr (Jabal-e-soor): Explore the refuge where Prophet Muhammad and Abu Bakr al-Siddiq sought shelter, evading the pursuit of the Quraish.
– Mina: Witness the sprawling expanse of Mina, often referred to as the city of tents, providing temporary haven to over 100,000 pilgrims during Hajj.
– Masjid al-Khaif (Mosque of Prophets): Step into a mosque resonating with the prayers of numerous prophets, an oasis of spiritual connection.
– Jamarat: Engage in a significant Hajj ritual as you symbolically stone the three stone columns, mirroring the actions of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S).
– Mount Arafat (Jabal-Ar-Rahmah): Stand where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) delivered his Last Sermon, feeling the weight of its historical significance.
– Muzdalifa: Immerse yourself in a pivotal Hajj experience, echoing the prayers of Prophet Adam (AS), and embrace its integral role.
– Jannatul Mualla: Pay respects to the final resting place of Prophet Muhammad’s (PBUH) ancestors, a sacred ground bearing the legacy of Aminah, Abdul Muttalib, and Khadijah.
– Masjid Jinn: Uncover the mystique surrounding this mosque, where a congregation of jinn listened to the recitation of a portion of the Quran by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Taif Ziyarah:

– Grave of Abdullah Ibn Abbas and the mosque bearing his name: Honor the legacy of the great mufassir of the Qur’an, the cousin of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
– Grape Orchards: Reflect upon the past as you stand where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) once enjoyed grapes during his time in Taif.
– Miqat Qarn al-Manazil: Embark on your spiritual journey by donning the Ihram garments at this pivotal location, setting your intentions for Umrah.

Submerge yourself in the depth of these spiritual experiences through Ziyarah, and following this, continue your commitment to prayers and Ibadah.

Day 06: Unveiling Jeddah’s Charms

Exploring the Wonders of Jeddah

Embark on a captivating tour of Jeddah, where you’ll encounter the Tomb of Hawa, the ethereal Al Rahma Mosque, and the picturesque Jeddah Corniche. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of Balad Market, admire the grandeur of King Fahd’s Fountain, and find solace in the Golakata Mosque.

Days 07 & 08: Immersed in Makkah

Dedicating Days to Spiritual Devotion

Continue your journey of devotion as you focus on your daily prayers and Ibadah in the sacred city of Makkah.

Day 09: Transition to Madinah

Journey to the City of Light: Makkah to Madinah

Bid farewell to Makkah and transition to the luminous city of Madinah. Upon your arrival, settle into your Madinah hotel, ready to embark on the next phase of your spiritual expedition.

Day 10: Friday Reverence

Reverberating Spirituality on Jumm’a in Madinah

Amidst the hallowed ambiance of Madinah, dedicate this day to your regular prayers and engage in profound Ibadah, embracing the blessings of Jumm’a.

Day 11: Continued Devotion

Sustaining Spiritual Connection in Madinah

As the days unfold, nurture your spiritual bond through consistent prayers and deep introspection in the tranquil surroundings of Madinah.

Day 12: Exploring the Landmarks

Embarking on Ziyarah in Madinah

Explore the sacred landmarks of Madinah, tracing the roots of Islam:

– Masjid-e-Quba: Discover the first mosque constructed by Muslims, radiating with historical significance.
– Masjid-e-Qiblateen: Stand at the site where Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received the divine command to change the Qiblah direction during prayers.
– Grave of Hamza (RA) and Martyrs of Uhud: Pay respects to the martyrs of the battle of Uhud, including Hamzah bin Abdul Muttalib, and reflect on their sacrifice.
– Masjid E Juma: Stand where the first Khutba of Juma Mubarak was delivered by Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), cherishing the timeless teachings.
– Site of Battle of Trench (Khandaq): Explore the site where the ingenious tactic of digging trenches was employed under the guidance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), leading to a victorious outcome.

Following these enriching experiences, continue your devotion through prayers and Ibadah.

Days 13 & 14: Deepening Spiritual Connection

A Duo of Devotion in Madinah

Immerse yourself in prayer and Ibadah, strengthening your spiritual connection during your final days in Madinah.

Day 15: Journey’s End

Bidding Adieu to Madinah and Reflecting on Your Spiritual Odyssey

As your spiritual journey draws to a close, check out from your Madinah hotel and proceed to Madinah airport for your departure to Dhaka. With your heart and soul enriched, reflect on the profound experiences and memories that will forever resonate within you.

End of a Sacred Sojourn: Departure from Madinah to Dhaka

Package Includes:

  1. Air tickets including all taxes for Transit Flight:

    • Route: Dhaka – Jeddah, Madinah – Dhaka
    • Class: Economy
  2. Accommodation:

    • 8 nights in a hotel in Makkah
    • 5 nights in a hotel in Madinah
  3. Meals:

    • One dinner in Makkah
    • One dinner in Madinah
  4. Transportation Service:

    • Transfer from Jeddah Airport to Makkah Hotel
    • Transfer from Makkah Hotel to Madinah Hotel
    • Transfer from Madinah Hotel to Madinah Airport
  5. Umrah Package:

    • Umrah Visa Fee included
  6. Health Insurance:

    • Coverage during the trip
  7. Assistance:

    • Meet and assist service at Jeddah Airport
  8. Hotel Services:

    • Room service as per hotel regulations
  9. Umrah Guidebook:

    • Provided in Bengali language
  10. Sightseeing Tours (Ziyarah):

    • Makkah
    • Taif
    • Madinah
  11. Dedicated Bengali Muallem:

    • Available during the Umrah pilgrimage

Package Excludes:

  • The package price for Makkah and Madinah does not include food, unless specifically stated otherwise. However, you can avail meals at the hotel or restaurant for approximately SR15 per lunch or dinner. The food menu for lunch and dinner typically consists of options such as Chicken or Fish, Vegetable dishes, Vorta or Shak (traditional Bangladeshi side dishes), Dall (lentils), and Plain Rice.

  • It’s important to note that there might be additional personal expenses or other costs not mentioned above that you should be prepared for during your stay. Please make sure to budget accordingly for a comfortable and enjoyable trip.


1. Flight Options: a) SV Airlines: Direct flight from [Departure City] to Jeddah or Medina. b) BG Airlines: Direct flight from [Departure City] to Jeddah or Medina.

2. Special Requirements (Extra Charges Apply): a) Special Rooms: – Haram View Room: Experience a breathtaking view of the Haram. – Kaba View Room: Enjoy a view of the Kaaba from your room. – Suite Room: Upgrade to a luxurious suite for added comfort.

3. Additional Tours: a) Jeddah: Explore the vibrant city of Jeddah, known for its historical significance and modern charm. b) Taif: Discover the beauty of Taif and its cool climate, a popular summer destination. c) Hudaibiyah: Visit the site of the Treaty of Hudaibiyah, a significant event in Islamic history. d) Wadi Jinn: Experience the mysterious magnetic hill phenomenon at Wadi Jinn. e) Khandak: Explore the historic site of the Battle of the Trench (Khandak). f) Ohud: Visit the site of the Battle of Uhud and the resting place of many companions. g) Badar: Discover the historic location of the Battle of Badar, a pivotal moment in Islam.

4. Visiting Other Countries with Umrah Package: Explore the opportunity to extend your Umrah journey by visiting other countries: a) Dubai: Experience the modern marvels of Dubai, including its iconic skyscrapers and luxury shopping. b) Egypt: Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt, including the pyramids and historical sites. c) Turkey: Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of Turkey, with visits to Istanbul and other significant sites.

Hotel Details:

Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar Located approximately 1000 meters from Masjid Al Haram, the Al Kiswah Towers offer a convenient stay for pilgrims and visitors. With the added benefit of a 24/7 free shuttle service, transportation to and from the holy mosque is made easier. The towers provide a comfortable and accessible base for those looking to perform their religious duties and experience the spiritual atmosphere of Makkah.

Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or Similar Situated around 400 meters from Masjid Al Nabawi, the Sidra Al Madinah Hotel provides a close proximity to the revered site. This strategic location allows pilgrims to easily access the mosque and partake in prayers and rituals. The hotel offers a convenient stay for visitors seeking to immerse themselves in the spiritual ambiance of Madinah and engage in religious activities.

Both of these options offer proximity to the holy sites, making them suitable choices for individuals embarking on a pilgrimage or spiritual journey to Makkah and Madinah.

Economy Package Rates:

Quad Share Basis

BDT 1,30,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Triple Share Basis

BDT 1,35,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Double Share Basis

BDT 1,40,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Single Share Basis

BDT 1,75,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Child With Bed

BDT 1,20,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Infant (Parent Sharing)

BDT 60,000/-
  • Makkah: Al Kiswah Towers or Similar
  • Madinah: Sidra Al Madinah Hotel or similar

Payment Policy:

  1. Phase 1: You are required to make a payment of 80% of the total package amount at the time of booking.
  2. Phase 2: You must make a payment of the remaining 20% of the total package amount no later than seven days before the scheduled travel date.


  1. Valid Passport: Your Bangladeshi passport must be valid for at least 6 months from the date of application for the COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.

  2. Photograph: Attach one passport-sized photograph with a white background. Please ensure that your face is clearly visible and that the photograph meets standard passport photo specifications.

  3. Vaccination Records: Provide documented proof of your COVID-19 vaccination. This could include your vaccination card, a letter from a healthcare provider, or any official document that verifies your vaccination status. The certificate should clearly show your full name, date of birth, vaccination dates, and the type of vaccine received.

Cancellation Policy:

The package cannot be refunded or changed.


  1. The package price is applicable only for group travel.
  2. Approved vaccines for travel to KSA are Sinopharm, Pfizer Biotech, Oxford AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Johnson with the full dose. Travel must be undertaken 14 days after vaccination.
  3. Changes to the package itinerary will be communicated to travelers before their trip.
  4. Visa processing is subject to approval from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA).
  5. All services are subject to availability at the time of booking, and package costs may change based on room or hotel availability.
  6. Package prices will be adjusted according to the current Riyal/USD conversion rates in BDT at the time of final booking confirmation for inclusion services.
  7. If breakfast is not included, and the hotel mandates breakfast, the breakfast charge will be added to the package price.
  8. Changes are possible without prior notice.
  9. No refunds for unused services or shorter stays.
  10. Standard, Superior, and Premium packages only differ in hotel accommodations.
  11. Sky Holidays reserves the right to charge an extra amount for unexpected charges imposed by legal authorities for package inclusion services.
  12. A 5% discount is offered on all published packages, except for EMI beneficiaries (up to 6 months).
Vehicle Status:
  1. Transportation Method: All transportation for Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, and Ziyarah will be provided by either bus or van.
  2. Luggage Allowance: Each person is allowed a maximum of 2 pieces of luggage.
  3. Private Transportation: For private transportation or private Ziyarah vehicles, the size of the vehicle will be determined based on the number of guests in the group.
  4. Private Transportation: 60 minutes waiting time at Haj Terminal.
  5. Private Transportation: 15 minutes waiting time at the hotel.
  6. Punctuality: All guests must strictly adhere to the specified time mentioned in the voucher. The vehicle will not wait for anyone beyond the designated time.
  7. Responsibility for Delays: Sky Holidays is not responsible if the vehicle is delayed due to factors such as Traffic Jam, Prayer Period, or Roadblock.
Hotel Policies:
  1. Check-In and Check-Out Times: The standard check-in time is 04:00 PM, and the check-out time is 12:00 PM. Sky Holidays is not responsible for early check-ins or late check-outs. Hotel authorities have the right to provide available rooms based on the booking.
  2. Special Room Requests: Guests can make special room requests, such as top floor, corner room, twin/double room, etc., by communicating with the hotel reception. However, Sky Holidays is not responsible if the hotel is unable to fulfill these requests.
  3. Hotel Ratings: Most hotels in Makkah, Madinah, or Jeddah do not follow international star ratings. The star ratings mentioned in the packages are local star ratings. If customers have concerns about the hotel rating, they should discuss it with Sky Holidays salesperson before booking.
  4. Amenities and Services: Many hotels labeled as 3-star may not have WiFi in the rooms or have non-functional WiFi. WiFi is usually available only in the hotel lobby. These hotels may not offer room service, and guests should request it from the hotel reception. Certain amenities like a separate bucket for washing clothes or a bathtub may not be available; guests may have to use a shower for bathing. Drinking water is not usually provided in the rooms, and guests need to purchase their own.
  5. Room Types: Most hotels offer twin/double rooms and add extra beds to accommodate triples or quads. The size of the extra bed may differ from the main bed. Guests concerned about room size should check the hotel website or contact Sky Holidays sales team for more information.
Passport Policies: 
  1. During your stay in Saudi Arabia, please refrain from giving your passports to the driver or our local agent at the airport or any other place. However, it is important to note that the legal authorities or our agent may need to take your passport for official purposes at the airport on a few occasions.
  2. If, for any unavoidable reason, a guest decides to hand over their passport(s) to anyone, it is the guest’s responsibility to inform Sky Holidays on the same day.
  3. We prioritize the safety and security of our guests, and adhering to these guidelines will help ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to us. Have a wonderful journey with Sky Holidays!
Moyallem Activities:
  1. During the Umrah pilgrimage, the service of Moyallem will be provided exclusively for a single occasion. For the purpose of Ziyarah, a capable individual who serves as a driver and guide, or any other qualified tour guide, will be at your disposal. It’s important to note that the guide or driver is not responsible for transporting luggage to or from the hotel.
Flight Schedule:
  1. If Airlines change the flight schedule before the day of departure:
  2. Hotel booking will not change, and the non-refundable policy will apply. The hotel reservation will remain as initially booked, and no refunds will be provided.
  3. If Airlines change the flight schedule before the day of return:
  4. An extra hotel accommodation charge will be added. In the event of a flight schedule change before the return date, customers will be required to bear any additional hotel accommodation costs that may arise due to the altered travel arrangements.
  5. Flight delay or missing luggage by airlines:
  6. Sky Holidays will not be responsible for flight delays or incidents involving missing luggage caused by the airlines. Customers will need to directly address these issues with the respective airlines.
Ziyarah Timing:
  1. Certainly! Our ziyarah service for Makkah or Madinah typically starts at 7 AM and lasts for a maximum duration of 2-3 hours. During this time, we will guide you through the important and significant places for ziyarah in the respective city. Our professional and knowledgeable guides will ensure you have a meaningful and memorable experience during your visit. If you have any specific preferences or requirements, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate them. We look forward to providing you with a fulfilling ziyarah experience in Makkah or Madinah.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. The package is non-refundable and non-changeable.

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